I'm Maya Phoenix.  I am an artist, writer, web designer, educator, and multidimensional creative living in Northern California.

I am the host of the Create Wild Magic podcast, where we explore the intersections of creativity, consciousness and culture.

I am also the creatrix behind Moon Seeds Studio, a web design and copywriting studio for unconventional entrepreneurs and creative small businesses.

Let's make some magic

let's connect

let's create a more beautiful world

conversations with artists, changemakers, visionaries, and wild creative souLs who are shaping culture and consciousness



remember that powerful, wild part of yourself?

I have always been a creative. I’ve been a wild artist since I was a child, although I didn’t always identify that way.

Somewhere along the line, the light dimmed on my creative visions and I disconnected from that powerful and wild part of myself.

The last decade has been a long, winding process of spiraling back to myself and reclaiming wild magic.

I started the Create Wild Magic podcast as a way to connect with other artists, writers, and makers and to inspire other wild souls to reclaim their creative magic.

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